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Dairy Choice® HD Plus

CP 21% Dairy Choice® HD Plus comes with additional soybean & canola meal and a unique mineral profile suitable for your High Producing animal needs. Bypass Fat & Yeast is added to equip your dairy farm animals against heat/humid conditions of summer and will ensure high milk productivity with improved health of animals. Additional Calcium & Vitamins will make sure animals are immune to temperature changes during hot/humid months.

Dairy Choice® Hi-Pro

CP 19% A unique blend of Soybean/Canola Meal, Minerals, Bypassfat, Yeast & calcium at an equally affordable price for imported & crossbreed animals to ensure high production and max possible production/kg consumption of dry matter. Ensure high milk productions with focus on reproductive & udder health of animals this unique feed will make your dairy farming dreams come true.nola meal and a unique mineral profile suitable for your High Producing animal needs.

Dairy Choice® Pellet Vanda

CP 17% A budget feed for avg.milk producing animals & heifers who are going to be future of any dairy farm. This unique recipe ensures udder & reproductive health & immunity development in your animals for future purposes. Free of any kind of toxins and animal proteins, this unique blend will ensure your future is secured. Highest quality of raw materials were ensured in production of this feed and a unique mineral profile is added to ensure udder development, reproductive health & immunity development.

Dairy Choice® Meat Pellet

CP 16% Formulated keeping in mind short period of time usually given to fattening animals. It will ensure high meat production with zero side effects because of all natural ingredients used in making this cattle feed. High Meat Production/kg dry matter consumption with equally affordable price will ensure high profits. Keeping in view sacred nature of ‘Qurbani’ it was ensured all raw materials are ‘Halal’.